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Do you look around you at all the evil in this world and ask “How long, Oh Lord?” Does your heart cry out for more of God? Do you ever wish you lived, even for just a little while, in the first century CE, and witness the power, the healings, and the miracles that the early church witnessed? Do you ever wonder what we are missing today that just might shift us into the kingdom of God where we need to be?

Have you ever wondered why Satan has been so hell-bent (literally!) on separating Jew from Gentile and keeping us that way? Do you wonder what the Kingdom of God on earth would look like if we were united into One New Man?

In The Quest for the Lost Foundation, Shoshana explores what just may be the missing piece. Not just ANY piece, but maybe the KEY piece!


I greatly enjoyed reading The Quest for the Lost Foundation by Shoshana Rhodes. It’s written from a Messianic perspective, but it’s written for (and much needed by) the entire church! I found the book well researched, well written, and filled with many important insights about the church as God’s “One New Man”. I highly recommend it.

  • Robert Heidler, Apostolic Teacher, Glory of Zion International Ministries, Corinth, Texas


When I began incorporating the celebration of the Jewish feasts and their biblical customs into my life, into the raising of my children, and into my pastoral ministry, my lifelong relationship with Jesus skyrocketed to an entirely new level.

When I read Shoshana’s book on how Gentile Christians need to understand their foundational Jewish roots, I finally felt I had a resource to be able to explain why to my fellow believers who had not yet made that leap. The Quest for the Lost Foundation should be read by every believer in Jesus to get the most out of their Christian faith!

  • Laura Harris Smith, author and speaker, #1 best-selling author, Amazon Best Sellers List, and author of Seeing the Voice of God


Shoshana Rhodes is a gifted woman of God whose heart is to bring awareness to the body of Christ for our need for each other, especially Gentile and Jew. This book addresses many errors in thinking that have kept us from understanding one another, and also kept us from embracing the eternal truths that will bridge the gaps between us. Get ready to open your heart to the freedom this book brings.

  • Apostle Regina Shank, Missouri Prayer Global Ministries






One Lamb Redeemed Now Available Through Paypal for only $8.99 (FREE Shipping to the USA)!

Have you ever wondered why you were born, what life is all about, what your destiny might be or if you even have one? Are you facing a giant such as cancer or betrayal in your life and wonder if you will survive? Do you have a call of God on your life and don’t know how to get from where you are to where you need to be? Have you ever asked yourself “What if”? “What if I had done that instead of this?” “Do I really have a future and a hope?” Even if you’ve given up on yourself, God has not! This book might just hold some answers especially for YOU!

This is the story of my life- really my journey with a supernatural God who was never put off by my faults and failures. It might answer some of the burning questions you have in your own life, or it may simply point you in the direction of your own journey with God. Either way, it is my prayer that you, the reader, will learn to walk with the most loving, powerful being in the universe, Adonai, the Lord of hosts, and find hope for your future!


Every personal life journey is distinct, intended to produce Christ-like character and personal intimacy with Jesus. This book unfolds a journey whose purpose has come- Christlikeness! Morsels of truth give the reader much to digest. I encourage you to read it, meditate on the morsels, and perceive its beautiful concepts; a life-changer!

  • Regina Shank, Apostolic leader, Missouri Prayer Mission


Every believer needs to know that they have been ‘fearfully & wonderfully made’ with giftings and assignments as a builder in the Kingdom of God. Shoshana is an anointed writer who captures the very essence of how God takes pleasure in redeeming that which was lost.

  • John Michael Kilpatrick, Associate Pastor, Church of His Presence, Mobile, Alabama


If you’ve already read this book and liked it, please feel free to review it on Goodreads and (even if you did not buy it from Amazon) and, of course, feel free to comment right here on this page! Blessings to all!


Clay's bookActivating the Prophetic by Apostle Clay Nash

“The prophetic realm of Kingdom life is tremendously exciting. Nothing is more thrilling than hearing God speak, whether directly or indirectly, and nothing is more fulfilling than knowing God used you to speak His word to another individual. This book is a “safe prophecy” course. Tried and proven prophet-teachers, such as Clay Nash, can guide us into this much  needed realm of Kingdom-living with skill and accuracy.” Excerpt of Foreword by Dutch Sheets.

(Paperback Book is currently available in

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