Be Thankful at ThanksgivingWe just completed another American holiday known as Thanksgiving. Most of my friends living in the USA participate in this holiday, many traveling to be with relatives, and eat the most delicious food of the entire year! Most of my friends from other nations don’t have a similar holiday (except my Israeli friends who celebrate Tabernacles), but you all pretty much know what it’s all about.

I remember one of the Thanksgivings we celebrated in Russia. I remember making most of my favorite dishes. I also remember the look on Oxana’s face when she asked about the delicious pie and we told her it was pumpkin. She exclaimed that pumpkin is NOT supposed to be sweet!

I was looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I had the day off from work (no easy task as a nurse). Everything pretty much fell apart. Local family went in different directions, and we ate at the local truck stop (It’s simply too much work doing all that cooking for 2 people in an RV). Then I found out that our new church we attend was having their Thanksgiving meal on Sunday evening, and I was scheduled to work Saturday & Sunday! I cut corners to save time, and my favorite dish didn’t come out near as good as it should have. I went to the church dinner, came home, & finished up charting after 11pm.  I was frustrated and exhausted.

But God… I remembered all the multitude of things I have to be thankful for. I remembered the guy begging on a street corner on Black Friday, trying to stay warm. I wondered what his story was. How he got where he is today. But for the grace of God, go I. I thought of several of my home health patients. Many live alone in very poor conditions, too ill to even get out and go to the free meals offered around town at the local missions. I thought of all those who have lost loved ones this year, so many in senseless acts of violence, who sit and stare at an empty chair and wonder if the hole in their heart will ever heal.

Yes, I am very thankful. I have a roof over my head, a good vehicle to drive, a decent job with a good salary. I have plenty of food to eat, and clothing to wear. Most of all, I have a husband who loves me, and the worlds cutest grandchildren! On top of all that, I have a new church family who really do love one another, and go the extra mile for each other. I have all of this and more, because of a God who loves me enough to have offered Himself as the Passover sacrifice almost 2000 years ago: a God named Yeshua whom I talk to every day, and He hears my prayers. I am truly blessed, and very thankful!

Right now, our little church is experiencing a lot of growing pains. My husband and I are experiencing growing pains as we are preparing to move from our little RV into a real house! These are real growing pains, but just as a child with growing pains is not allowed to lay in bed and moan, but has to still get up and go to school, so we must also arise and work while it is yet day. The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are still too few. Let’s rise up, take our place in spite of what we are currently going through, and be thankful!

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