April- An American Month of Infamy

white burning candleFriday evening begins Passover. Many think of this as a Jewish holiday, but it isn’t just that. Passover commemorates a time of deliverance from bondage and slavery to freedom and promise. It began millennia ago when Adonai Himself delivered His people from literal slavery, and again almost 2000 years ago when He delivered whosoever will from the bondage of sin. The early Christian church always celebrated Passover. They had a traditional Seder with matzo and wine. They understood the significance of this appointment with God Almighty. That significance was almost erased by Satan when he made it illegal to celebrate Passover, but paganized the resurrection of Messiah by placing the event not on First Fruits, but on his own holiday of Easter.

Easter this year has come and gone. Kids have by now eaten all the chocolate eggs and bunnies without understanding what it’s all about. Few will participate in a Seder. Fewer still will make this appointment with God.

Our world is spiraling out of control. April has historically been a devastating month for many here in the US. The revolutionary war began during Passover on April 19, 1775; Abraham Lincoln was shot during Passover on April 14, 1865; Hitler was born during Passover on April 20, 1889; The Oklahoma land rush that legally stole the heart of Indian territory from the Native Americans took place during Passover on April 22, 1889; the Oklahoma City bombing happened during Passover on April 19, 1995. Other major April events were: the start of the civil war, April 12, 1861; the San Francisco earthquake, April 18, 1906; the Titanic sinks, April 15, 1912; Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated April 4, 1968; the Waco massacre took place April 19, 1993; the Columbine High School shooting was on April 20, 1999; the Virginia Tech shooting was April 16, 2007; the BP oil spill disaster was April 20, 2010; and the Boston Marathon bombing was April 15, 2013. On a positive note: Slavery was abolished April 19, 1866, and Jackie Robinson became the first African American major league baseball player on April 19, 1947.

Does anyone else see this picture??? Passover is God’s appointed time every year to abolish evil and set captives free, but more and more evil is triumphing. This is the time, each year, when we SHOULD be agreeing with God for His purposes so people can find freedom and joy, but instead we are reaping what previous generations have sowed. Oklahomans should be honoring our Native Americans, but even recently our state legislature said “no”. Oklahoma City suffered the first domestic terror attack, and the first beheading, but we said “no”. In 1963 the Supreme Court kicked God out of our public schools. Before then, school shootings were unheard of. Since then, there have been far too many.

I had a very interesting dream this morning. In the dream, I was at a large college campus looking for a particular class that I was supposed to be in. This was a training class I needed to take for work. I was not a student at the college. I asked an information person for directions, and she guided me to the building where the class was. When I went inside, I looked off to my left, and saw through a window a tornado on the ground approaching the building. This tornado was shaped and acted like a real tornado, but it appeared to have some kind of sparkle dust in it. I ran for cover yelling at people (who were sitting in office cubicles) “tornado”, but no one even looked up. The sirens didn’t sound either. When I went back downstairs, the tornado had turned into 2 students carrying a flashing sign that appeared to sparkle with the same colors as the tornado had. They were now in the building. No one paid them any attention.

This is obviously not a literal tornado. It is a subtle “sign” designed to bring destruction, but staff are too busy working and the students are too absorbed in their own world to notice. The “destruction” is even being carried into the school building by some students. There is no official warning, and no one would notice even if there was. Today is the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.

I have an app on my phone that was started by Apostle Dutch Sheets called “Give Him 15”. Today’s prayer focus was protection for our schools. I have several questions for all of us who are the people of the Living God. Who’s going to pray for our schools and kids TODAY? Who’s going to pray and repent for the travesties our ancestors allowed to happen to our Native peoples, our African-American immigrants, and the Jewish people during WW2? Who wants to agree with me to launch a campaign to reverse the Passover/April curse and see captives set free? This needs to be tackled NOW! Just so you know, God does NOT want to continue to allow destructions. He is all about deliverance and freedom, especially this time of year!

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