The Prophecy, the Problem, the Solution: Part 1- The Prophecy

NEI Dec 2015I’ve been doing some traveling lately. I enjoy traveling, especially when I am on assignment, or expecting a divine appointment from the Lord. There’s just something about worship in a prophetic atmosphere that can’t be matched at home. So, sometimes I travel.

Apostle Clay Nash has been conducting a series of meetings in Arkansas called the “Trail of Hope”. We desperately need hope in this day. Christians worldwide are suffering for their faith. Terrorists are conducting bombings and shootings at an alarming rate in the name of a false god with the mistaken belief that 70 virgins await them in paradise. (I can’t imagine the rude awakening THEY are having!)

Unfortunately, the American church continues in its slumber all the while thinking that they are safe. People continue in selfish, sinful pursuits with the mistaken belief that what has happened in France and the Middle East won’t happen to them. Many sit in lukewarm seeker-friendly churches week after week hearing a watered-down gospel message. They don’t understand that the Lord Himself is blowing the shofar, crying out “Awaken, awaken before it’s too late”. Like the frog in the pot of water, the heat is being gradually turned up, but they don’t notice that they are being boiled alive by a most cunning adversary.

Several months ago, I was asking the Lord about how to get a breakthrough for Oklahoma so that we will experience the outpouring of His Spirit that is coming. The Lord said to connect with what He is doing in Arkansas. I didn’t understand, but I went. At each meeting I attended, the Lord opened up significant issues for my state that need to be addressed. The last meeting contained a warning. We need to awaken, repent, and pray NOW, before it’s too late!

The prophecy is this:

En-route to the meeting in Arkansas, as I was listening to a Glory of Zion CD, Chuck Pierce prophesied “Look to the sign posts on your way”. As I looked up, I saw a billboard written in Arabic. I was still in Oklahoma and did not recall seeing this last time I traveled this route. I questioned what I was seeing, but a little while later there was another billboard advertising a truck stop with Arabic writing on it as well. At the beginning of the meeting, we prayed for France and those involved in the terror attacks there. As I prayed, the Lord reminded me that the first major terror attack on US soil since WW2 took place in OKC. The first radical Islamic beheading also took place in the metro in Moore. The Lord stated that the enemy is once again looking at the OKC metro for another attack. The Paris attack is a warning.

Church: What are you going to do? Will you put aside your petty bickering, and secret sins, humble yourselves, and pray, or will you continue on with business as usual, and act surprised when demonically driven terrorists attack us on our own soil? Repentance, worship, and prayer are the answer: the ONLY answer!

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