paint rollerI had a dream last week that really baffled me for a few days. In the dream I accidentally knocked over someone else’s potted plant. Dirt scattered everywhere and the roots were exposed. Another person I was with wanted to throw away the plant and pretend that nothing had happened. When we picked up the remnants of the plant, the leaves had been superimposed on a piece of paper that the plant had fallen on. It looked like a photographic negative. The little plastic label in the pot said that the name of the plant was “Terrion”. After I woke up, I was curious about this name and wondered if it was a real word. When I googled it, I found it in an urban dictionary with the following meaning: “Someone with little emotion, a logical thinker, or a pimp”. Now I was more confused than ever! I don’t personally know any pimps, but the ones I’ve seen on TV seem to have too much emotion (anger), and very little in the logical thought department, or they would find another line of work!

By now you are thinking, yup, baffling all right, and what on earth does this have to do with paint? Glad you asked! As I prayed about the whirlwind blasting my own life and family right now, and asked God for an interpretation to this dream, he said “It’s about paint”. Ok….Paint….What is THAT supposed to mean?

I searched the Bible for the word “paint”. It is mentioned only a very few times, is usually translated as “whitewash”, and denotes a cover-up. Ezekiel 13:10-14 says: “The fact is that they’ve lied to my people. They’ve said, ‘No problem; everything’s just fine,’ when things are not at all fine. When people build a wall, they’re right behind them slapping on whitewash. Tell those who are slapping on the whitewash, ‘When a torrent of rain comes and the hailstones crash down and the hurricane sweeps in and the wall collapses, what’s the good of the whitewash that you slapped on so liberally, making it look so good?’ “And that’s exactly what will happen. I, GOD, the Master, say so: ‘I’ll let the hurricane of my wrath loose, a torrent of my hailstone-anger. I’ll make that wall you’ve slapped with whitewash collapse. I’ll level it to the ground so that only the foundation stones will be left. And in the ruin you’ll all die. You’ll realize then that I am GOD. (MSG)

The word translated “paint” or “whitewash” depending upon which Bible version you read, is the Hebrew word “tawfale” meaning “to smear; plaster or slime; or (figuratively) foolish things, unsavory, untempered. Webster’s dictionary defines whitewash as: 1. To cover with a white liquid composition, as with lime and water, etc. 2. To make white; to give a fair external appearance.

Things are beginning to make a little more sense. Chuck Pierce brought forth a prophecy that I felt was very much related: You’ve been asking Me questions, you’ve been seeking Me, and now I will show you! I AM the Possessor of Heaven and I will possess the earth. I AM teaching you to occupy. I will say ‘Step your foot here, and occupy here!’ and I will show you the structures that will fall around you. This will be a time of falling. This will be a time of things parting in front of you. This will be a time that old strongholds will come down. This is My day of beginning! So enter in with Me and you will see a facet of Me you’ve not seen. What you’ve been warring for—- those spoils are before you. Do not hold back! Go all the way in and watch that which has resisted begin to say, ‘Here…have back! Have back! Have back! Have back!’

The Lord reminded me: “Isn’t this what you’ve been praying for? The salvation, deliverance, and healing of your family? Did you not know that the strongholds in their lives- idolatry, witchcraft, manipulation, lust, and greed must be torn down or it will destroy them? Many of these, like whitewashed walls, look good on the outside, but they are filled with foolish and unsavory things. When the plant fell over, the roots were exposed. When someone tried to “hide” what had happened, the negative remained.”

“A pimp is not always someone involved in illegal activity. It is also someone who simply uses others (primarily women) for their own personal gain. They have no true emotion for the people they abuse- they are incapable of love. I AM love, and they do not have me within them. What they do makes perfect sense to them. These are untempered, and untested. When the hurricane-force winds that are coming begin to blow, they will be destroyed unless they are re-potted in My soil.”

“The modern day church is the same way. Many have aligned themselves with the politically correct. They sweep abortion, fornication, and adultery under the rug while touting the new freedoms of gay marriage. Their root is being exposed; they’ve whitewashed a rotten wall, and lied to My people saying everything will be fine, when in fact, destruction is at the door. These false shepherds are NOT MINE! They are terrion. They use My people for their own personal gain, much like some of the men in your family have used their wives even back to the fourth generation.”

“What did I say through my servant Chuck Pierce: ‘Occupy! What you’ve been warring for—- those spoils are before you. Do not hold back! Go all the way in and watch that which has resisted begin to say, ‘Here…have back! Have back! Have back! Have back!’

I WILL have my family back and God will have His. Whole, intact, all of them!

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