Year of the Whirlwind

Tornado damage May 6 OKCMost of us know by now that it is 5775 on the Hebrew calendar. Those of us who stay up to date on such things also know that “5” is a Hey year – the year of breath, and the year of wind. The Hebrew letter “hey” designates the very breath of God. God’s official name is spelled “Yud, Hey, Vav, Hey. His breath – the very breath He breathed on Adam to give him life, the very breath Yeshua breathed into His disciples to receive Holy Spirit is imbedded into His Name!

“Hey” also designates the sound of the wind. Many of us are experiencing this sound in magnified proportions this year! According to the Storm Prediction Center, there have already been 581 reported tornadoes in the USA as of May 20th with predictions for an above average year for tornadoes, hail, and severe weather. As anyone who has been in or near tornadic thunderstorms, the winds and the sounds are fierce and unforgettable.

Living in the Oklahoma City area can be very interesting during the spring severe weather season. All the local TV stations preempt their regular programming and commercials to bring non-stop weather coverage. Doppler radar is continuously on-screen so we can see exactly where the hail cores and possible tornados are and the direction they are moving. Storm spotters are everywhere giving up-to-the-minute reports. Tornado sirens sound all over the metro as needed so we can take shelter. The RV park we currently live in has a large tornado shelter. I know because I’ve been in it!

Living in Oklahoma presents another problem, though. So many people have lived through so many severe weather seasons unscathed, that they don’t always heed the warnings. As is common to so many metro areas, people are busy and want to get one more errand done before heading home. While most of us take shelter, there are always those who push the envelope. They park their cars under an overpass to keep from sustaining hail damage, but if the tornado gets too close, it can suck them right out from under the bridge! We’ve also had torrential rains this year with many vehicles being swept away by flood waters as people try to drive through these underpasses and intersections in spite of the warnings. Just the other night, Oklahoma City reported over 70 swift water rescues!

What, then, does all this really mean for us? I hate to burst some people’s bubbles, but we are living in the last days, the end times, the end of this era. The earth is groaning with the birth pangs of the next era. Spiritual warfare is intensifying with manifestations all over the earth. In this year of the whirlwind, Oklahoma is experiencing almost non-stop whirlwinds!

What do we do!?! What we are NOT to do is to give in to fear and anxiety. We are not to ignore the warnings either! They are very real and will only get worse! So, what DO we do?

For those who know Yeshua as their savior and lord, if you are not living right, please repent, and pray. He will show you what to do to stay in the eye of the storm – the midst of His Presence. Spend time in His word so you can quote the appropriate scriptures for the safety and provision of yourself and family. The most important thing to do is spend time in worship and in His Presence. He will not only shelter you in the midst of the storm, but He will show you what to do to help those around you. If you don’t know Yeshua, ask Him sincerely to reveal Himself to you NOW! This is critical to your very survival. Don’t wait until all hell breaks loose, a tornado or hurricane takes your possessions away, or Jihadists are camped at your door. TODAY is the day of salvation!

Heads up! We are in a season of intense warfare that is only going to worsen. The hedges are down; enemies (the devil and his hordes) are standing at the door; and much of the church continues to sleep! If you are stuck in an old season, please lay it aside. You can’t fight this battle with antiquated religion. Each one of us needs to find our rightful place in God’s kingdom and station ourselves where we are called. We need to have our eyes on Him, and our ears to the ground so we can fight the good fight of faith. Everyone please hear these words: Armor on, shields up, and swords at the ready. I have my duty assignment. Do you have yours?

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