Health to all your flesh

photo-fruits_smallWord of the Lord in prayer:

My people are unhealthy and they’ve done it to themselves. They pray and beseech Me for healing, yet they become sicker and sicker. They grow despondent and wonder if they will ever be whole again this side of heaven. They go to meetings that feature healing evangelists, stand in long lines, are prayed for, and sometimes feel they have been touched, but overall not much changes. They try to obey Me in spiritual things, but don’t understand what’s really going on!

My people are perishing, literally, for a lack of knowledge! They limit or have eliminated smoking and drinking in their lives saying that these things defile the temple, but yet they defile the temple daily! How is this happening? They pick and choose which scriptures to obey and which ones to ignore. They ingest foods daily that are not real foods at all. They ingest man-made poisons into their bodies and grow fatter and fatter. They accumulate insidious diseases from the very pit of hell such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and auto-immune disorders that were unheard of in biblical times.

Someone needs to teach my people how to eat and live DAILY! I NEED these generations, including the “baby boomers” to step into their callings and be MY church! The world is dying and my people are too unhealthy to help them out.


I have to say that this was a real revelation for me. I always thought that if we pursed God in prayer and kept our lives spiritually clean before Him, He would heal us. After all, healing is promised in His word. Then I began to realize that something else is going on here. We are missing the big picture!

Most of us would agree that if someone destroys their liver with alcohol and wants a liver transplant, they should not get one unless they have quit drinking. If they continue to drink, they will simply destroy the new liver- a liver that really could have benefited another. Yet, somehow, no one preaches or talks about healthy eating or gluttony. It’s OK to preach about the evils of drinking and smoking, but not the evils of processed, refined foods. We, the church, need to face the facts. We are killing ourselves with food!

A lot is said about the evils of smoking (although smoking is not mentioned in the Bible). No one preaches about gluttony because many preachers are over-weight. Gluttony and being overweight or even obese, however, is NOT the same thing! I can’t say this any simpler: Overweight and obese people are, for the most part, NOT gluttons. We have been lied to and deceived by the status quo!

I have been instructed by the Lord to write a series of blogs on this very topic. Please be patient with me as we explore this topic together. Next week I will discuss the biblical mandates concerning food and some of the pertinent statistics about our health before we began to ingest processed, refined foods and where we are today. If you are a “do it now” kind of person and you don’t want to wait for the information, I suggest you begin by reading Jordan Rubin’s “The Maker’s Diet” materials or Dr. Don Colbert’s materials on “What Would Jesus Eat”, and “What You Don’t Know May be Killing You”. Take heart, friends. The best is yet to come!

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