Coming Soon: The Quest for the Lost Foundation!

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Many of us have been students of revival for many years. We long for an outpouring of Holy Spirit with the resultant salvations, healings, miracles, and deliverances. We’ve had foretastes of this outpouring in times and seasons past with some of the most recent in Toronto and Pensacola, but none have lasted.

Most of these have had humble beginnings with a few dedicated intercessors pressing in for more of The Lord. A man or woman with a passion for more comes on the scene, and the fires of revival blaze. Some last longer than others, but all have eventually waned.

Preachers study the early church to see what made them so different, so powerful, so passion-filled. They say if we could just be more unified, or maybe we should hold everything in common as they did. Maybe if we could just get people to be more holy, or get rid of the sin and compromise; maybe that would do it.

It is my belief that if we were able to duplicate the acts of the first century church, it would still not be enough. I believe that we have lost our foundation. The Lord knows how the building should look, but we have forgotten, so we pray and we press in to no avail. We need to build on His foundation if we are ever to attain that which we desire. (Excerpt from “The Quest for the Lost Foundation”)

Release Date to be announced SOON!

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