I am Thankful!

Be Thankful at Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. Most of us know the story- basically. Although there were previously different times when people would hold a feast giving thanks to God for provision, the first generally accepted Thanksgiving was held in 1621 in Plymouth. There were 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans in attendance. It was a three-day feast cooked by the four women who had managed to survive their first winter in the new world. These Christians not only were thankful to God for the remaining survivors and the abundant provision He helped to supply them with during the summer, but they were also grateful to the local natives who taught them to grow corn and catch eel (although it seems for that Thanksgiving they probably ate foul and venison). Yes, they had buried a lot of friends and family in the past year, but they were still thankful to God! (Info courtesy of Wikipedia)

This year I am thankful for family. We will eat the traditional turkey and dressing with all the fixings, and enjoy the laughter of our grandchildren as they argue over who gets the biggest piece of pie and who has to help with the dishes. I am also thankful that we live in a nation of abundance. Most of us will enjoy a good meal today with either friends or family. Some will go to the few restaurants that are open and enjoy a traditional meal there. My husband and I used to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the local truck stop because we had no family nearby. We didn’t have to cook or clean up, but we didn’t get leftovers either!

Some people will have to work today. As a nurse, I’ve worked a lot of holidays. I’ve heard other medical professionals complain that they never get to spend holidays with their family. Many others were thankful that they had a good job with which to support their families. Today, my son is working. He works on an oil rig. They will have a traditional meal for the guys (which my son will probably cook, since he almost went to chef school and is a VERY good cook). They will not be with their families. My son-in-law who also works on an oil rig gets today off!

As we enjoy our thanksgiving meal, watch parades and football games, and visit with family and friends, others are busy keeping everything going. I am thankful for our firefighters who will respond when the turkey fire gets out of control. I am thankful for our police and military who are on duty to keep the peace so we can enjoy this day without fear. I am thankful for medical personnel who fill our nation’s hospitals and ambulances to take care of us. I am thankful to all the guys who work on the oil rigs keeping the nation running. I am thankful that my daughter-in-law’s vet hospital is open in case someone’s family dog eats the chocolate and gets sick. I am thankful for all the truck drivers who are on the road today to make sure all the goodies we want to buy this next week get delivered to our favorite store. This list could go on and on.

Mostly I am thankful to our Lord, Adonai, and our Messiah Yeshua. He found me when life was out of control and set my feet back on the right path. Almost 40 years later I am not suffering from the ravages of diseases due to too much smoking, partying, or drinking. I was delivered from those things long ago! He led me to a Godly man who has been my husband for over 25 years. He has directed and guided me through many storms and trials, but also He has abundantly blessed me! No, we are not rich and famous by the world’s standards, but we are rich in Him.

Put your trust in the Lord and He will save, deliver, lead, guide, and grant you peace beyond measure! Most of what He has done for me is in my first book, One Lamb Redeemed by Shoshana Goldberg. Read it and find out what He can do for you! Better yet, read the Holy Bible and ask Him to show YOU the way!

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