Just Move It!

Our home 2

Well, here we are once again loading and hooking up the RV. How often we have longed for a place of our own- a home base with friends and family that we’ve known for years who also know us. As the years have literally flown by, we’ve often times tried to put down roots, buy a house of our own, and have someplace that we call “home”. We’ve literally lived all over the world, made friends and acquaintances that we’ve had to say goodbye to, and hopefully left a deposit there of what Holy Spirit called us to leave.

In the quest to find “home” we actually did buy a house once. After we lived there for a while it became apparent that there were a lot of things wrong with it that no one told us about before we purchased it. It seemed as though we were “stuck” with a lemon! But God! We lived there for about a year and a half when the Lord told us to sell the house. My husband filled out a page and a half of disclosures and then told the realtor that we needed $20,000 over the appraised value to pay off the loan. She said that there was no way we would be able to sell this house, but a few months later that’s exactly what we did! Even though the Lord never told us to buy a house, when we did He redeemed the situation because we chose to follow Him.

Another man was also told to get up and leave his father’s house and go to a land that God would show him. As he obeyed the voice of the Lord, God appeared to him on the way and gave him incredible promises. The man, Abraham, had to contend for these promises, but his acts of obedience gave him the title “friend of God” and one of the most prominent places in history (see Gen 12-21)!

This past year we’ve had three friends who have bought new houses and currently desire to sell their old ones. Many would say in these uncertain times that buying a new house and moving is foolish. These would say that it is “safer” to hunker down and weather the storm, but this was an Iyan Dalet year. It was the year of seeing your open door and moving through it. As these seek the Lord to move into their future, their old houses will sell. We, too, are moving through our open door.

This is the Hebraic year of Iyan Hey, 5775. It will be the year of the whirlwind, but it will also be the year of finding the place of peace and safety in His Presence in the eye of the storm. This next season of our lives will find us in Oklahoma- a place of rather intense whirlwinds and storms. Being in the center of God’s will, no matter where we live or work, is the safest place of all.

Is Jesus telling you to make a shift or change in your own life? It may not be as drastic as buying and selling a house, changing a work location, or moving across country, but if you are stuck in a rut and not able to see the promises of God in your life anymore, maybe a shift is in order. It will be critical this year to be positioned in the center of God’s will. Are you positioned where you are supposed to be?

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