Harbingers, Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses: It Will Never Happen to Me!

(FILE PHOTO) Authorities Release 9-11 Emergency Tapes(Picture courtesy of The Huffington Post)

A very long time ago in a far-away land a people were held in slavery. They were beaten, bought and sold as though they were cattle, and worked like oxen even to the murder of their sons. The cry of their torment reached heaven and an unknown, unseen God came to their rescue. Through a series of miracles, they were set free and became a nation unto themselves.

After many trials, they were about to enter the land that was promised to them. There were still wars to be fought and won, and giants to be taken down, but there was nothing impossible for them as long as God was with them.  They were asked right before they entered this promised land whom would they serve? They emphatically stated that they would serve the Lord!

Fast forward a few generations. The land was prosperous. They had a king- the wealthiest, most splendid king in all the earth. One in whom was wisdom beyond measure! They had plenty of food to eat, clothing to wear, and homes to live in. Life was good! The land and her people were blessed!

A funny thing happens when people are blessed and prosperous. They tend to forget how they got there and Who blessed them. Yes, you have figured it out. I am speaking of ancient Israel. You can read the entire story in a book known as the Holy Bible. (If you are unsure of the translation you are reading, [even the King James Version is but a translation]; you can get a Strong’s concordance and check out the original language.)

You guessed it- they forgot all about the God of miracles, the God who delivered them, protected them, and prospered them. THE GOD WITH WHOM THEY CUT A BLOOD COVENANT.

They began to worship other gods who their fore-fathers did not know. They committed acts of fornication with temple prostitutes; they sacrificed their babies to Molech on the altar of prosperity so they could have even more prosperity. God sent warnings. He sent prophets. Harbingers happened (for a more complete picture of this, please read Jonathan Cahn’s book titled “The Harbinger”.

The once prosperous kingdom had since become divided into the North and South. The northern kingdom had been involved in idolatry and decadence far longer than her southern sister. Outside this prosperous land there arose another kingdom who grew in power and greatness. They swallowed up nations in violence and bloodshed. Israel said “it will never happen to me”. Long story short- first the liberal, decadent north was over-run, slaughtered, and led into captivity; then the south followed.

In the 1600s, a new land was found to be a safe haven for those who followed this unseen God. There were miracles and deliverances. There were also trials and difficulties, but the new land prospered. It became a nation in 1776- founded “One Nation Under God”. The laws of the land that were adopted were God’s laws. The people agreed to follow this unseen, but all-knowing God. There were giants in the land that had to be slain- racism, poverty, etc. A funny thing happened though. As the nation grew and prospered, some of these giants were left in the land. Prosperity ruled. This nation, the USA, became the most powerful, blessed, and prosperous nation on earth.

Then, that once prosperous land forgot the God who blessed them so abundantly. It was subtle at first, but became more brazen. God was kicked out of school with the result that school shootings and violence moved in to fill the void. Then they passed laws so that babies could be sacrificed on the altar of convenience and prosperity. While so-called “normal” people slept and played, evil began to encroach and take over.

Now we are in the season of the four blood moons on successive Passovers and Feast of Tabernacles. In addition, we will have two solar eclipses on both the religious and civil new years for Israel! All this takes place in 2014-2015. As if that were not enough, we are about to enter the season of the seventh year when the land should have a Sabbath before the Lord, but hardly anyone keeps Sabbaths anymore. When I was a kid, nothing was open on Sabbath. Now, every day is business as usual. The last time we were in this seventh year cycle, we had the economic collapse of 2008. Seven years earlier, we had 9-11!

WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP? THIS NATION NEEDS TO FALL ON HER KNEES AND REPENT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Do we, in our arrogance, think that what had befallen ancient Israel will never happen to us? Really? Who do we think we are?

Today, on September 11, 2014 all over America is a campaign called “Cry out America”: http://awakeningamerica.us/. EVERYONE PLEASE: skip your lunch, find a prayer location, AND GO!!! If you are stuck inside, pray and webcast this event: https://www.billyebrim.org/liveplay/live noon Central Time in the USA. If we don’t soon ask God to forgive us and heal our land, we won’t have a land to heal. It will belong to radical Islam and many of us will die.

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