WARNING!!! Are You Still Busy Driving Your Dump Truck?

old dump truck

Apostle Chuck Pierce recently released a prophetic warning that I believe we all need to hear: “There is a marching in the earth that is not of Me! Unless My people rise up this hour and align with Me and allow their gifts to explode, they will not be able to stop the cadence of the enemy in this generation! Understand anti-Christ. Understand what he looks like, and let your alignment come into place with Me this hour. Get moving with Me! Quit putting off the movement of my people this hour! If you don’t make a shift now, you will be marched over in this nation within two years! Hear the word of the Lord!”

The Lord gave me an interesting dream this morning that I believe speaks to the bride of Messiah:

In the dream, some believers were driving large, beat-up multi-axle dump trucks that are used on construction sites to get rid of the garbage. These got stuck in traffic, and being impatient to be about their business, they turned aside off the road and found themselves driving up a dry creek bed. As they turned toward what looked like a better road and a way out, they climbed some rocks and found themselves in deep water. There were on-lookers on the bank of the creek crying “GET OUT! GET OUT!”, but they sank out of site. Then those who were on the bank began to reach their hands into the creek to pull out any who were trying to surface. As some of these finally surfaced, they were pulled to safety, but were naked from the waist down. Passers-by gawked at their nakedness and hurried away, but those who pulled them out had blankets which they used to quickly cover these up that they pulled out of the water. Each truck had something of value in it which was lost. When asked why it took so long for these to swim free, they replied that they had fallen asleep.

It would appear that many of us are still encumbered with a lot of junk in our lives that we need to dump! We are so focused on the “traffic” of life that we don’t see the way forward. Instead we are tempted to take a “short-cut” that will lead to loss- both of the junk, but also of something of value that we need to hang onto. Those who awaken in time will be rescued.

Then there are those of us who are not driving our baggage around. We have a choice: We can pull our brothers and sisters to safety and cover their nakedness, or look on in horror and walk away leaving them exposed for all to see.

My question is this: Are we brave enough to seek Adonai and honestly ask Him where WE are right now? Can we humble ourselves, repent, climb out of the dump truck, and make the turn before we lose the treasure He has given us or worse yet, stay asleep and drown? When we see others emerge from their slumber, will we judge and condemn, or be there to pull them to safety and cover their mistakes and sins? “Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8, NASB)

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