When Adonai, the Lord of all says: “Do Not be Afraid”!

Do not be afraid- facebook

Over and over Israel was told to not be afraid in the face of overwhelming odds. Each time, her enemies were defeated. When David was being hunted down like a dog by Saul, he was told to be not afraid. David became king after Saul was defeated by his enemies. Joshua was told to be strong and courageous four times when facing the giants and he prevailed. I recently came across a Facebook posting that stated the phrase “Be not afraid” is recorded in the Bible 365 times. I have not verified this, but it seems about right. No matter what we are facing, our God, Adonai, THE one true God of the universe wants us to trust in Him! There is absolutely NOTHING He can’t see us through. NOTHING!

I admit that I am saddened as I watch the daily news. Murder and terror seem to abound. No more are the normal news stories of yesteryear. It seems as though all the great little human interest stories that used to dot the pages of local newspapers are all but forgotten. Each day there is more “breaking news”. Tens of thousands of people die violent deaths around the globe until we become numb to the sheer numbers.


Our current president reminds me of “Humpty Dumpty”. He seems to have all but fallen off the wall and no one seems to be able to put him or our nation back together again. I’m reading articles from politicians and those in the know who all seem to be saying that we are in the midst of a crisis on multiple fronts, but our president does nothing but play golf and make an occasional appearance saying nothing. We need him to be decisive on both the Middle East and our border, but he does nothing while radical Islam takes more and more territory and terrorists slip over our borders in droves.

Then to top it off, the prophets cry that judgment is coming. Worse yet, we know we deserve it, but seem powerless to stop it. We stood idly by as prayer was cast out of the public schools. A mere decade later we again stood idly by as abortion was legalized. When terrorists attacked our nation on September 11, 2001, instead of repenting of our sin as a nation, we arrogantly said that we would rebuild. Now we stand idly by as more and more states legalize same sex marriage. With the exception of a handful of apostolic leaders, prophets, intercessors and the like, the American church remains asleep.

This is not an expose on the state of the nation, nor is it a blame session of either the church or our politicians. It is simply a self-examination of who or what we really trust. I have to admit that most of us in the USA can’t imagine terrorists taking over our nation and telling us to convert to Islam or die, but that seems to be where we are headed. As individuals, we seem to have very little control over the events that surround us. What we do have total control over is our response to and faith in the living God.

Do we really believe that He loves us and wants the best for us? Do we spend enough time in His Word, the Bible so we know the promises He has for us? Do we spend time in prayer so we are attuned to His still, small voice? Have we truly repented of our sin and seek to please Him? OR are we so involved in our own little world that we have no time for the lover of our souls? Will we be able to love not our lives unto death if an Islamic radical comes to our door telling us to renounce Jesus or die? Do we walk close enough to Him to know what to do when crisis comes calling? Where really is our faith? Strength and self-reliance does not cast out fear, but perfect love does! (I John 4:18)

I propose that we all turn off the TV or internet, open our Bibles, spend some time with Jesus, and see what happens. You have nothing to lose (you can even record your favorite shows so you don’t miss them). You might even find a whole new life of joy and peace in the midst of the storm!

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