Independence Day! What are we doing NOW?

American Flag




Friday night, July 4th was long. We fought traffic looking for a suitable place to park. We were two hours early, but it wasn’t early enough. We had 4 small children with us, so walking two miles to a suitable spot was not an option. We prayed and the Lord provided a good place within easy walking distance to see the fireworks. You might ask why all these thousands of people would bother to fight the crowds to watch some fireworks. Many stay home, have a backyard BBQ, and light a few of their own.

After all the setting up, the fidgeting, the telling kids to stay put, and the waiting, finally, the show began. To a backdrop of patriotic music and loud booms, light exploded and color filled the night sky. I was sitting next to the three year old. With each new sight came a wide-eyed exclamation of wonder: “so pretty, beautiful, wow, look grand-e-ma, pink, purple, blue!” As I sat watching the fireworks with my precious grandchildren and listening to the wonder of a three year old, I realized that all the wait and hassle was so worth it.

I began to reflect on this place we call the USA. Our forefathers paid a terrible price in blood to win and maintain the freedoms we enjoy. Many family members served in the military. They did their duty with pride to fight for this country they had come to appreciate and love. Most of us enjoy freedoms, opportunity, and prosperity that is unheard of in much of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this is not the same country that I grew up in. In 1963, we kicked God out of the public schools. In 1973 we legalized the murder of the unborn; sacrificed our babies on the altar of convenience. Now, the government we elected is legalizing more and more immorality.

I have to wonder about the USA that my grandchildren are inheriting. Will they experience first-hand a shooting incident in their school? Will they be deceived into an ungodly romantic alliance that will lead to heartbreak? Will they be enticed by the programing that the media feeds into their young, impressionable minds to do things that our generation would never have conceived of?

The church, the bride of Messiah, has the answers, but why were we asleep in 1963? In 1973? How long will we remain asleep? Will this great nation, blessed of the One True God have to be overthrown as so many nations of the distant past before we awaken and cry out in repentance and prayer? What will this nation look like when my grandchildren are grown? What will we do about it NOW?

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