I am asking everyone for some honest input, so I thought I would have a contest! I would really love your input on this and the best input gets free books! It’s hard to beat free!




I have completed my second book! I would like to offer everyone an opportunity to provide me with some input! Essentially this next book is about reconnecting Christianity with its Jewish roots and why that is so important. There are two parts to this contest with two (or more) potential winners!

  • Whoever comes up with the best, really good, catchy title that I may want to use for this new book will get a free, signed pre-release copy of my new book as soon as it comes out! They will also get a signed copy of my first book as a bonus! My original title was A Jewish Answer, but several people had issues with that title. I then came up with The Lost Foundation. Please let me know if you like either of these titles or have a better one!
  • ALSO: I am posting a potential promo copy that will eventually end up on the back cover. If someone comes up with a snazzier promo, that person will also get both books signed as a personal gift from me to you!


“Do you look around you at all the evil in this world and ask “How long, Oh Lord?” Does your heart cry out for more of God? Do you ever wish you lived, even for just a little while, in the first century CE, and witness the power, the healings, and the miracles that the early church witnessed? Do you ever wonder what we are missing today that just might shift us into the Kingdom of God where we need to be?

As a lover of His Presence, Shoshana has pursued the sounds of our modern era, the gatherings where it is said that revival is happening, and the prayer meetings where the intercessors cry out for more of Him. There are some rumblings, and some stirrings, but it’s obvious- we are not there yet!

In The Lost Foundation, Shoshana explores what just may be the missing piece. Not just ANY piece, but maybe the KEY piece!” ©

To enter the contest, please go to the “Contact” page and fill in the information. You can leave your Title or promo copy in the comment box. Do NOT forget to send me a snail mail address where I can mail your books if you are the winner!


(Note: Entering the contest will add you to my free newsletter, however I NEVER give out or sell ANYONE’S info. You may feel free to unsubscribe at any time. Also, I do NOT sent out mailings, so I will NEVER clog your mail box with unwanted solicitations!)



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