Which Road Will You Take? What Decision Will You Make?

Twins faces

Do you ever feel like two people? One of you wants to fall back into “the comfort zone” while the other wants to move forward with your life.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like that. I went to a church I’d never been to before, and sat in the back with my mind made up that I wasn’t going to share anything. I pondered the dream of the night before: I was in a car with some others when I saw an enemy armed with automatic weapons approaching. I put the car in reverse & sped away after making sure that everyone was with me so they would be safe as well. When I arrived at a perceived safe place, I parked the car. Suddenly, the enemy reappeared at that place. I realized that I would have to confront this enemy. When I did, they all dissipated.

Then as we entered worship, The Lord showed me a picture and gave me a word for that house. Others began to go forward sharing what they saw and heard, but I stayed rooted to my place in the back. After the service was over, I realized that the dream and my experience were related. I stepped out of the old me and into the new me and shared what I had been given. It was a fresh, anointed word that they needed. It was my piece, a gift, for them from The Lord.

We are in a new season. We HAVE to confront the demons that would hold us back. We have a word, a ministry that Yeshua wants to release through us and us ALONE! We MUST put aside the woundings, the rejections, and abandonments of the past. We are in a new day and Yeshua needs ALL hands on deck! HE NEEDS YOU!

two people making decision

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2 thoughts on “Which Road Will You Take? What Decision Will You Make?

  1. Bingo! Setting measurable goals and then taking daily action to achieve those goals is the key to success! Thank you for reminding us of that. Love the photos on your site, reminds me of “home!” I lived in Israel for three years.

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